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„We procure our smoked meats from the U Bohouše z Hrobu.

Our appetisers and soups are served with our own homemade bread . 


Creamy goose liver pâté with cranberries (1,7)   129Kč
120g Roasted beetroot with fresh cheese, honey and croutons (1,7,10) 99Kč
100g Steak tartar with lard-fried  bread (1,3) 139Kč
100g Roast beef lard-fried  bread  and tartar sauce (1,3,7,10) 149Kč
70g Marinated sea bass tartare in a crispy tube  with basil mayonnaise and rocket (1,3,4,7,10)  195Kč


        Unthickened goulash soup with beef (7,9)    69Kč
Chicken broth with large liver dumplings (1,3,7,9)  59Kč
Chicken broth with fried herb noodles (1,3,7,9)  54Kč


1 pc  Grilled fresh fish Per daily special (1 pc) (4,7,10)      by our ofer
150g Catfish fillet with black salsify and saffron sauce (4,7) 289Kč
200g Venison haunch (Sika deer) with mushroom ragout (7,9) 269Kč
200g Beef steak with madeira sauce (7,9,10) 419Kč
200g Veal wiener  schnitzel with Bavarian potato salad (1,3,7,9) 269Kč
150g Pork tenderloin, pumpkin purée, potato gratin and cabbage julienne (7,9) 265Kč
200g Tyrolean bacon-wrapped pork steak Duroc with chanterelle sauce and  rosemary butter baked potatoes (7,9)  285Kč
200g Slowly roasted pork cheeks with vegetable batons and buttery potato purée (7,9,12) 229Kč
300g Honeyed duck leg with red cabbage, cranberries and potato-bacon dumpling (1,3) 279Kč
200g Duck breast with herbs, creamy risotto with sundried tomatoes (7,9) 385Kč
200g Leg of rabbit with creamy potato casserole (1,7,9,10) 229Kč
200g Grilled crispy skinned chicken breast with potato gnocchi, cream and spinach (1,3,7) 199Kč
300g Casarecce pasta with venison ragout and Grana Padano cheese (1,3,7,9) 240Kč
300g Spätzle with Tyrolean bacon, cream, spinach and garlic (1,3,7) 148Kč
300g Cheese spaetzle with Viennese onion (1,3,7) 148Kč
1 pc „Germknödel“ oversize dumpling with vanilla sauce and poppy seed (1,3,7) 109Kč


300g Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, served  with Caesar dressing and chicken (1,3,4,7)   169Kč
250g Lettuce with beetroot, yogurt dressing, pumpkin seeds and poached egg (3,7,10) 119Kč
250g Warm grilled vegetables with lettuce, sundried tomatoes and virgin olive oil (10) 152Kč

The 2013 golden svíčková sauce (-vegetable sauce)

150g Slow-braised young beef with svíčková cream sauce, cranberries, buttermilk, and Viennese dumplings     189Kč


100g Slices of Tyrolean bacon (speck) with seasoned butter with sea salt, pearl onion (7) 145Kč
100g French Comté cheese – hard cheese with a distinctive flavour, with seasoned butter and sea salt – aged for 10 months (100g) 155Kč
250g Homemade fried  chips with sauce (3) 79Kč
125g Fresh goat cheese with honey, seasoned butter and sea salt (7) 145Kč


Sacher torte with whipped cream (1,3,7) 78Kč
Pistachio cheesecake with strawberry gel and raspberry sorbet (1,3,7) 132Kč
Kaiserschmarren (torn Austrian imperial pancake) with forest fruits (1,3,7,12) 119Kč
Warm pear strudel with vanilla ice cream (1,3,7) 89Kč
Hot caramel chocolate  with nut-crusted vanilla ice cream (1,7,8) 129Kč



All our meals from the menu may contain traces of allergens 1 to 14.  

On your request the list of allergens will be submitted 

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